Monday, August 29, 2016

4 Ways to Provide Efficient Customer Service

The focus of many organizations customer service plan revolves around scripted politeness and maintaining a positive attitude during client interactions, at all costs.

While pleasantness and positivity are wonderful in their own right, ultimately, most clients only really care about the bottom line.  When the phone call is over they care more about whether or not they got what they wanted or were offered a meaningful alternative than they do about how many times someone told them to have a good day.  The secret to highly effective customer service is focusing on efficiency by following a few general rules.  
  1. Collect and utilize feedback.  Creative vision and long-term planning are crucial to the success of any organization.  Just not when they are placed above actionable feedback or suggestions from an organization's customer base.
  2. Build customer-focused systems.  Unfortunately, many business systems are designed with organizational ease-of-use in mind.  While this may reduce supply chain issues or streamline in-house communication, it also often ignores how customers interact with an organization on a basic level.  This inefficiency leads to frustration and potential loss of revenue.
  3. Top-down engagement and understanding.  Reading about customer issues or organizational concerns on a report or hearing about them in a meeting is never as meaningful as front-line contact.  In order for management to truly appreciate customer concerns and propose highly effective solutions, it is crucial that they interact with the customer base as closely as possible.
  4. Consistency is key.  The creation and strict adherence to a service standard sis important to efficient customer service for two reasons.  One, it ensures that customers always have a clear expectation when dealing with any member of a specific organization.  Two, it guarantees objective staff evaluations